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Case Studies

Protective coatings

Over the last few years APC Rope Access Ltd has been involved in some interesting projects ranging from the painting of a power station structure in Lincoln to the installation of a huge flue stack in Liverpool and everything in between.

APC Rope Access Ltd prides itself on an exceptional safety record and being able to deliver projects both on budget and on time.

At Brigg Power Station the task was to prep and apply 2 coats Interthane 360 and 1 coat of Interseal 670 to the steal structure of the Vega power unit and the same proccess was used on a storage tank.

The task for this was made more difficult by adverse weather conditions which caused delays, fortunately the close working relationship with the station owners Centrica, enabled the team to work in weather windows and by increasing the workforce when the chances arose.

Our procedures and techniques and dedication to getting the task completed saved the client an astonishing amount of money.

Max height 70m
A total of 112,026m2 of coverage.
Time scale 3 months.
25,000man hours

Please see video here.


An unusual task presented itself one summer,so unusual that the N.D.A. {national decommissioning agency) decided to bring in a provisional film crew to make a DVD in order that they could share internally with their members both the innovation and best practice relating to a difficult task. Please follow the link to see how we achieved our goal.

N.D.T. (non destructive testing)

The team were called in to inspect 9 storage vessels at BIS in Manchester.

After visual examinations, cracks were discovered in three of the vessels and a decision was made by the site engineers to plate weld over the cracks.

The cracks were inspected using dye penetration to establish just how far they extended ,once this was established stopper holes were drilled at the ends to prevent the cracks getting worse.

Aluminium plates were then welded over the cracks on the silos to protect and strengthen the structure.

This project was completed on time and on budget.


The flue stack installation at Liverpool John Moor's Central Teaching Laboratory consisted of lifting the huge flue stacks over the four story build using a 70m crane. Once the stacks were held above the roof area the Abseiling team could guide the units down into the steel structure for fixing. Taking into account all the safety precautions for this project the team worked closely with the crane operators to to ensure the flue stacks were bolted in both safely and securely.

This project was also delivered on time and budget.


APC were approached by Techserv UK Ltd with view to tendering for a fire alarm installation at one of the Sellafield UK sites. (View Video)

Our tendering process involved Techserv and APC working very closely to secure this contract.

It was the task of both companies to design then install the state of the art fire detection system.

After presenting the combined package to the tendering we were delighted as a team to have won the contract, ahead of two other major competitors. The award was based on both price, design and the experience of both companies in their respective fields.

The team at Sellafield Sites Ltd were very helpful and forward thinking in their efforts to help the installation move along.

The time scale was set at 3 months and with help of all concerned the task was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule and involved the fitting over 5km of aspiration pipe into the eaves of ten huge storage sheds.

The cost saving on this occasion to the client, who had originally planned for the more traditional method of scaffold, were in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Letter from Stephen Beverley, Project Manager, Capenhurst, Sellafield Ltd.

"Dear Anthony,

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you and your team for your excellent contribution in delivering the scope of work associated with the fire detection system installation within the diffusion plant.

Particularly impressive is a strong emphasis on safety and compliance, a genuine desire to deliver on schedule and to budget and the fostering of a great working spirit with Sellafield Ltd staff. The outcome is a highly successful project delivered above and beyond expectations.

I look forward to future projects on which we can work successfully together."


APC Rope Access have recently completed the removal of over 2000 ft of redundant pipe from 8 shafts in two reactor buildings as part of the decommissioning program at Berkeley Power Station, Gloucestershire.

The task was simply to remove the pipe. This work being in a confined space required extra safety precautions ,along with radiological issues. The two things combined, brought about their own issues but having liaised closely with Deboragh Services, Costain and Magnox the site owners, safe working procedures where put in place.

The various sizes and length of pipe where cut out from the 8 ,50 mtr shafts using reciprocal saws and angle grinders while the pipe was being suspended on lowering rope.

The task was completed in two stages and again, ahead of schedule.

The safe working procedures have improved as a result of working in this environment.

Our health and safety department have also learned invaluable lessons and are working hard to improve the abilities of APC Rope Access to carry out further work in this industry.

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